Introducing Italian Food: Ravioli

History Of The Italian Food Ravioli

The first name Ravioli is known to appear in Franscesco’s personal letters in Marco Datini, Prato traders in the 14th century. In Venice, in the mid-14th century Libro Per Cuoco offered ravioli made with green spices that were boiled and chopped, mixed, mixed with beaten eggs and fresh cheese, then boiled in broth and seasoned with broth, then spiced again with “sweet and strong spices”. In Rome, ravioli itself was famous when Bartolomeo Scappi served this food with boiled chicken to the Papal Conclave in 1549.

Ravioli’s Popularity in the World

In Europe and the United States, fresh ravioli has a shelf life of several weeks. Canned ravioli was spearheaded by the Italian Army in the First World War and popularized by Heinz and Buitoni in Britain and Europe, and Chef Boyardee in the United States. Canned ravioli can be filled with beef, processed cheese, chicken or Italian sausages and served in tomato sauce, tomato meat or tomato cheese sauce. Baked ravioli (breaded and fried ravioli) developed at St. Louis, Missouri, and is a popular appetizer and snack.

Ravioli is commonly found in the cuisine of Nice, the wider Côte d’Azur, and the surrounding area in southern France. This content varies greatly, but the most special thing for this region is the use of leftover daube meat. Ravioli containing mini cheeses, locally called “ravioles”, are a specialty of the Drôme department in the Rhône-Alpes region, especially the Romans-sur-Isère commune, and are often served au gratin.

Ravioli filled with halloumi is a traditional pasta dish of Cypriot cuisine. They are boiled in chicken broth and served with shredded paroumi and dried mint on top.

Foods Similar to Italian Ravioli

In Turkey, Mili which is similar to ravioli is a popular dish. It is filled with seasoned meat and served with paprika sauce and yogurt. A similar dish in China is jiaozi or dumplings.

In India, a popular dish called gujiya is similar to ravioli. However, it is prepared sweetly, with the filling of dried fruits, sugar, and a mixture of sweet herbs, then fried in vegetable oil. Different fields are used in various parts of India. This dish is a popular food prepared during festivals throughout the country.

In addition to Turkey and Indonesia, Jewish cuisine which has a similar dish called Kreplach, food made with meat bags or can be filled with other stuffing, covered with egg-based pasta. Bring to a boil and mix it with chicken soup, in such dishes it is the inspiration of the original dish, which is boiled in “broth”. Claudia Roden has the opinion that all of this originated from the Venetian Ghetto almost at the same time as the development of ravioli, which at that time was the main meal by the Jews.

There is also a special Middle Eastern dish called shishbarak which contains pasta mixed with minced beef and cooked in hot yogurt