GRUPRAVIOLO – Italy is one of the countries that is successful in the culinary field, there are many culinary delights from Italy that have high quality and are recognized by the world so that Italian food is often associated with types of food that are expensive and of five star quality. Are you a connoisseur of Italian food yourself? If so you should surely know that Italian food is famous for being the tastiest in the whole world.



This is one of the favorite Italian food of many people and it is often found in various Italian restaurants around the world. Actually, gnocchi is a type of dumpling made from flour that is made with various flavors and styles. There is gnocchi which contains meat and there is also gnocchi made especially for vegetarians which of course does not contain any meat in it. Have you ever tried this one Italian food? You can enjoy it using sauce and cheese to make it more delicious.



You may also have heard the name of this Italian food. Ravioli was originally an Italian food that began to grow and became famous during the Roman era. This food is made from spinach and ricotta. This Italian food menu is perfect for those of you who are vegetarians and don’t like to eat meat. Ravioli is usually served in small portions so if you want to feel full while eating ravioli you can eat 2 to 3 servings at a time.

Pasta Carbonara


Currently this Italian food called pasta carbonara can not only be ordered in specialty Italian restaurants, but almost all restaurants nowadays also serve carbonara pasta. Because it is usually served in portions that are not too large, so often this carbonara pasta is also served at several cafes that sell snacks. The distinctive feature of carbonara pasta is its thick cream which makes the pasta taste different. If you have the opportunity to come to Italy then you should try it directly from the original recipe, because the deliciousness is very different. Most of the carbonara pasta sold outside of Italy is modified.



It turns out that this one cake is also a typical cake from Italy. Tiramisu is served as a food which is a combination of cake and cream. There are Italian restaurants that also serve tiramisu as a dessert which is eaten together with ice cream in a glass with a layer of tiramisu cake underneath. Usually the taste of tiramisu is a blend of flavors of coffee and chocolate combined with soft vanilla cream. With its sweet taste and slightly bitter taste, this Italian food is a favorite all over the world.



Gelato is known throughout the world, is a typical Italian ice cream that has a denser texture and is tastier than ordinary ice cream. There are many gelato outlets that are currently opened in various places serving gelato ice cream with various flavors. The process of making it is animal-free and of course has a variety of very delicious flavors. Almost everyone loves ice cream, so you will also love this gelato.

Pizza Margherita


Pizza is indeed known as one of the most famous Italian foods and can be found almost all over the world. In fact, because they are so loved, pizza is often made by the cottage industry with recipes that are modified according to taste. Pizza Margherita is a simple Italian food and is ingrained in Italy, even every family in Italy has its own pizza margherita recipe with a blend of sauces made with the taste of each chef.

Tomato Sauce Spaghetti


You certainly know very well about this very typical Italian food, right? Spaghetti is also one of the Italian foods that can be very accepted by the tongue of the whole world community, so that this food is even made into packaged ready-to-eat food sold in various supermarkets to make it easier for spaghetti connoisseurs to make their own spaghetti at home. The most famous spaghetti in Italy is tomato sauce spaghetti.

Linguine Alle Vongole


Linguine is a type of pasta which is an Italian food which is as well known as spaghetti. Italians seem to really enjoy all foods made from pasta that are eaten together with sauces and creams. Linguine also looks almost similar to fettucini. The most popular type of linguine among Italian food lovers is Linguine Alle Vongole. Vongole itself is a sauce made from a mixture of shellfish and other ingredients that makes it very distinctive and delicious. However, linguine is not yet as common Italian food as spaghetti fettucini.



This food made from flour and other filling mixtures became increasingly famous when the Garfield cat series made this Italian food menu its favorite dish. Italian food has also begun to feel common and is widely served in various restaurants that are not specifically serving Italian cuisine at all. Are you also one of the lasagna lovers? In lasagna it usually contains meat, cheese, sausage, vegetables, mozzarella, seafood and so on. You can add fillings that are based on your preferences when you want to make or order lasagna. Italian food is famous for its distinctive sauce, as well as for lasagna which is made using a special sauce to make it taste even better.

Chicken Parmigiana

chicken parmigiana

If you want to taste Italian food that is suitable to eat during the day or night then you can try chicken parmigiana which looks and tastes similar to chicken cordon bleu. Usually chicken parmigiana is a chicken dish that is fried using sauce, cheese and served together with spaghetti. The difference with chicken cordon bleu is the location of the cheese, if the cordon bleu has cheese on the inside, while in this parmigiana chicken the cheese is placed on top of the chicken when it is served. The sauce used in this chicken parmigiana dish is a sauce made from a very delicious selection of tomatoes.

Fettucini Alfredo


Previously we mentioned briefly about fettucini, which is a type of pasta from Italy that is widely sold in various food outlets in the world. Usually fettucini is pasta served using a cream sauce so that most of the color is white while spaghetti is mostly served using red tomato sauce on top. The distinctive feature of this Italian food is that the pasta is wider than spaghetti so of course you can easily tell the difference. This Italian food began to be made in the 1920s by a chef named Alfredo who later named the ferttucininya after him. Maybe you need Another information pengeluaran hk hari ini 2021