10 This kind of delicious pasta makes your tongue not stop swaying, it’s delicious! – You certainly know, pasta is a typical Italian processed food. Its name also means from Italian pasta alimentare which means dough of food. In a broad sense, pasta can mean all the dough like bread, cake, or cookie dough. In Italian, pasta that is specifically as a type of culinary is called pastasciutta.

You know what, there are lots of different kinds of pasta, you know. Unmitigated, there are 20 kinds of responsibility known in the world of catering. So, if you are not curious, follow 20 types of pasta that have been collected by from various sources :

  1. Spaghetti

Spaghetti is an Italian noodle that is long like a stick. Can be returned 9-12 minutes in al dente boiling water which means it is not sticky in the teeth, not too raw, or too cooked. The way to enjoy it is varied, but what is very well known is the bolognese-style spaghetti with minced meat sausages then sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese.

  1. Spaghettini

Spaghettini is a paste that is very similar to spaghetti. But the difference is, the shape of spaghettini is smaller and thinner compared to spaghetti.

  1. Tagliatelle

Tagliatelle is a type of classic pasta, flat shape and similar to fettucine. However, tagliatelle is less than fettucine.

  1. Fettucine

Fettuccine which in Italian means ‘little ribbon’ is a type of pasta that is popular in Roman cuisine. Fettucine also has the same shape as noodles. Fettucine size is bigger than Linguine. Fettucine is made of thick made from eggs and flour. Fettuccine is traditionally made fresh, but dried fettuccine can also be bought in stores.

  1. Lasagna

Lasagna or lasagna is a pasta that is baked in the oven and is a traditional Italian food. This type of food consists of 27 cm and 5 cm wide which is filled and arranged up to 7 layers. Lasagna itself is a complete lasagna that contains meat. Besides meat can also be filled with vegetables, chicken, seafood and so on.

  1. Vermicelli

This pasta is similar to spaghetti, it’s just that vermicelli are shorter and shorter. This pasta is usually processed with seafood and can also be used as soup contents. Vermicelli is one of the traditional Italian pasta. Literally, the name means ‘little worm’.

  1. Linguini

Linguine is a form of pasta that is larger than spaghetti and flat like rice noodles, but smaller than fettuccine. In Italian, the name linguine means ‘small tongue’. Linguine also has another name called trenette or bavette. Linguine was received from Genoa and Liguria region of Italy. Linguine is usually served with various seafood or pesto.

  1. Fusilli

Fusilli is a spiral paste. Fusilli Usually processed with cream sauce and peas. Fusilli itself can be served with other ingredients such as chicken, beef, vegetables, and so on.

  1. Cavatelli

Cavatelli is a common small clam paste that looks like a miniature hotdog bread. Cavatelli is also known as orecchie.

  1. Rotini

The shape is similar to fusilli, but more spiral and thicker. This pasta is often processed with meat, cheese sauce, and vegetables.